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Samsung SIII Unlocked International Version

by on Dec.09, 2012, under SmartPhones, Tips, Wired News

Samsung smartphones rule here in the U.S. and the rest of Asia (or the rest of the world, for that matter).

This unlocked version has the following features:

Inspired by Nature – Designed for Humans

It sees, Listens and Responds
Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3), this is the most advanced smartphone available, at its heart is a Quad Core Exynos processor, its brain introduces an array of new Samsung software and its body is inspired by nature, minimal and organic, designed to fit perfectly in your hand.

Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) Main Features:

  • 4.8 Inch Super AMOLED HD (1280×720) Display + Gorilla Glass 2
  • Quad Core 1.4GHZ Exynos Processor
  • WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC
  • 8MP 1080p Camera – 1.9MP Front Facing Camera

Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) Smart Features:

  • S-Voice
  • Smart Stay
  • Smart Alert
  • S-Beam
  • S-Cloud
  • On screen Multi-tasking (Pop UP Play)

The Body
The Samsung Galaxy S III features a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD screen with a 309ppi density so will enable you to view all of your movies and photos in stunning 720p HD. At 8.6mm thick and weighing in at 133g its natural, ergonomic design makes this device one of the thinnest and smoothest devices available today whilst still remaining robust and protected by the award winning Gorilla Glass 2. Featuring an 8MP camera on the back and a 1.9MP (720p) front facing camera the S III helps to complete a market leading specification.

But to configure this phone to run on AT&T’s network as a 3G phone (not LTE), you must tweak the following APN settings:

Name: (doesn’t matter, something like AT&T HSPA+ is fine)
APN: phone
mms proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC:<don’t change number>
MNC:<don’t change number>
APN type: default,supl,mms,hipri
everything else: not set or unspecified




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  • Nokia Lumia 920 Is The Contender

    by on Nov.11, 2012, under Wired News

    Just like in the movie “Rocky” where Rocky Balbo goes the distance with Apollo, the latest Nokia Lumia 920 seems to be a contender with the two giants–Apple and Samsung. After a few false starts and missteps in execution, Nokia comes out swinging and going “All In” with the Lumia 920 priced at only $99, plus a $50 FREE wireless charger. If that doesn’t garner any market share from the world of Android and Apple iOS, then nothing else will. If almost free is not good enough, then this will surely be the end of the road for the one-time smartphone champ of the world.

    The Nokia Lumia 920 is a fully loaded phone with the best of Nokia apps such as Nokia Drive (voice guided turn-by-turn navigation), its PureView low-light camera, Nokia Music and other advanced technology such as NFC and wireless charging. Not to mention its gorgeous 4.5-inch screen.

    While this phone is a great improvement from the other iterations of Windows Phone, I am a little bit disappointed that Nokia has not managed to add more of its unique touch such as message notifications and smarter camera app to differentiate its phone from the likes of HTC or Samsung. Hopefully, only time will tell if Nokia is able to add back some of the wonderful features found in its soon-to-be-retired Symbian OS.



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  • Faster & Better Reading Without Ads On Your iPhone

    by on Nov.04, 2012, under Tips

    Here’s a quick tip on how to have a better view of a web article on your iPhone or iPad device.

    Do you know that in the Safari web browser, you can tap the Reader button next to the web URL to transform the webpage to simply clear text. This way you can get a faster and better view of the article without the ads displayed along side with the article. This give you a more enhanced view of the article, with bigger and better text. Also, it will speed up the browsing of the site without having to load any third party ads in the background.

    Watch this video to better understand this tip.



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    Nokia Lumia 920 Review

    by on Nov.03, 2012, under Wired News

    A very thorough review by Engadget of the latest Nokia Lumia 920 phone. Overall, the phone received some very high marks over the current iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC 8X phones.


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  • 5 Big Features Nokia Lumia 920 Has Over iPhone 5

    by on Nov.03, 2012, under SmartPhones, Wired News

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    In less than a month since Nokia announced its latest flagship Lumia 920 phone, there has been a lot of positive raves from the press and the blogosphere. Among some of them is the one from CNET explaining five reasons why the Nokia Lumia 920 phone is better than the latest Apple iPhone 5.

    The 5 Big Features of the Nokia Lumia 920:

    It shoots amazing low light shots with its PureView technology.
    It has a bigger and higher resolution screen (4.5 inch vs 4 inch) than the iPhone 5.
    It has superior optical image stabilization for panorama shots.
    It has more accurate Nokia Maps with Augmented Reality feature.
    It has super responsive Gorilla Glass touchscreen.

    Read more here…



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    Nokia Lumia 920 – First Look Under The Hood For Windows Phone 8

    by on Nov.01, 2012, under SmartPhones, Wired News

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    Here’s a first look at the new Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8, provided by SlashGear.



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    Nokia Lumia 920 Pre-orders at BestBuy

    by on Oct.21, 2012, under Deals, SmartPhones, Wired News

    It’s coming soon! Now you can pre-order this gorgeous Next Generation Nokia Lumia 920 phone at for $149!

    The Lumia 920 features the new Windows Phone 8 operating system with tons of features and re-designs.

    The Nokia Lumis line comes in four gorgeous eye-candy, eye-catching colors: Red, White, Black, Yellow and Cyan.


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    Nokia Lumia 920 Exclusive With AT&T Offering

    by on Oct.14, 2012, under SmartPhones, Wired News

    What’s not to like about the impending release of Nokia’s Lumia 920, exclusively on AT&T network?

    This phone is going to set the world on fire, just like the song says. It has so many amazing features:

    • The latest Windows Phone 8 operating system
    • 4.5 inch Clear Black Gorilla Glass screen
    • 8.7 MP PureView low light camera lens
    • Built-in Nokia Maps, with voice guided navigation
    • Blazing fast true 4G LTE speeds
    • NFC plus wireless charging




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    Nokia Lumia 920 Getting Some Love?

    by on Oct.07, 2012, under Wired News

    If you have been reading the blogosphere recently, you might have noticed that Nokia’s soon-to-be-realeased Lumia 920 phone has been getting a lot of raves and attention. The specs on this phone are nothing less than spectacular: NFC,  4.5-inch gorgeous screen, 8.7MP fast lens camera, Nokia Maps, LTE, dual-core processor, etc. Has Nokia finally nailed it with the Windows Phone 8 OS? Let’s hope so. No more false start and stumbles.

    The success of this roll out will now depend on the marketing team to deliver on its hype. Execution is key to its success.  This time we’re in it for real. Can’t wait to get my hands on this baby!

    Read the detail specs here…


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    The Return of Blackberry 10 – Seriously?

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    by on Sep.26, 2012, under Wired News

    Research In Motion, aka RIMM, hasn’t had a hit in 10 years. Trying to make a comeback with BlackBerry 10 operating system. Is it too little too late for this Canadian company? Well, they’re certainly trying their mighty best.

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  • The VPs of Development team even made a video with some borrowed music from the 80′s hit rock group REO Speedwagon, singing to the tune of “Keep on loving you.” Seriously?

    You can watch the video here: New BlackBerry Video Could Not Be More Embarrassing!


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